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The Geddex Race Alert System is the perfect compliment to any Race Tracks PA system. Whether you you run a Race Track or Race Series, you know the hassles of getting Class Class and event notifications to racers in a noisy environment. Now with our new system you can do it with one click!


But it does more then that. Your racers and fans can receive “General Notifications” through the week that are not tied to any specific event. This way you can notify them of cancellations, schedule changes, weather considerations, or anything else, while they are sitting in the comfort of their own homes.


The process of becoming an official Geddex Race Alert System track is simple and free. First you sign up for the system Here. Within three business days we will contact you to verify your credentials as an event operator and activate you account. To make things as simple on Race Day as possible you will need to set up your events and classes ahead of time on our website. Come Race Day sending a Class Call is as simple clicking on the Class name, selecting lanes (if any) and clicking “Send.” That’s it, everyone subscribed to that class will have their phone sound/vibrate.


►The Geddex Race Alert System allows Tracks, Series or other Governing Bodies to send messages to racers and fans

►The racers receive a time-stamped list of General Notification’s, Class Calls with lanes, and Event Notifications

►The Geddex Race Alert System eliminates the constant question of “did they call us?”

►Class calls can also include Sponsor Names, generating hundreds of views of the sponsors names per day

►The track does not need to gather any information from the racers, the system manages getting the right information to the right people on it’s own

►It only takes a few seconds to send a message, requiring almost no labor

►Tracks can send out messages though the week teasing upcoming events

►Reduces the number of questions and phone calls from racers

►Provides a complete log at the end of the event, with time stamps, for later review

►The one time app download for the racer will work at any track that employs the Geddex Race Alert System

►The system is free for all event operators, there is no cost to the track!


Instructional Video:


Click here for a full users manual. Visit us at or Click here to Sign Up.