For Racers & Fans

The Geddex Race Alert System mobile app allows you to receive Drag Racing Class calls and other notifications from any track employing our system. Any time a class you are subscribed to is called your smart phone will sound/vibrate and the notification list will be updated. Even if the app is not currently running!

But, that’s not all, you can also subscribe to your favorite track and receive General Notifications though the week too. Event canceled? Know before you even pull out of your driveway. Near by construction? The track can alert you to which alternate routes to take, or any other handy message they would like to send.


► This one-time download, works at any track with our system

► Our patent pending design eliminates the need to hear the Track’s PA system in noisy environments

► Receive time stamped class calls for as many classes as you wish

► View a complete list of class calls, even if you are not subscribed to the class

► Receive Event Announcements notifying you of things like rain delays

► Subscribe to as many tracks as you wish for General Notifications

► Receive General Announcements from your favorite tracks through the week

► Know if an event has been canceled or rescheduled, even while on the road

► Receive notifications even if the app is not currently running

► Never Miss a Class Call Again!

Instructional Video:

Click here to view the Google Play Store and purchase the app for Andorid phones and tablets.

Click here to visit the Apple iTunes Store to purchase the app for iPhone and iPad devices.

Click Here for a full users manual.